How about Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts as Grindelwald?

The recent announcement that saying Johnny Depp would join the magical universe of Harry Potter in the sequel of Fantastic Beasts amazed even the stalwarts of Harry Potter. Now, among the rumors about the role that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean will play, one name stands out above the rest: Gellert Grindelwald.

For those who do not know, Grindelwald had been the most terrifying magician until Lord Voldemort arrived. The great desire of this Dark Magician was to gather three Deathly Hallows; the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Invisibility Cloak; and thus become the Lord of Death.

Although there are those who say we have seen Depp in the trailer in what will be his first appearance in the franchise as a cameo, there is no official confirmation of this information. If so, Grindelwald would be confirmed as the main antagonist of the new saga that, as confirmed a few days ago, will feature five films.

Rowling came to define the character as a dictator of the magical world. However, he was the best friend of the youth of Albus Dumbledore, until they were separated by the ideas of Grindelwald and by a tragic event that involved the sister of the director of Hogwarts, Adriana Dumbledor. Years later, Dumbledore would win a duel with Grindelwald, snatching from him the Elder Wand.

Jamie Campbell as Grindelwald
Jamie Campbell as Grindelwald

In addition, another element that could be key to unite to Johnny Depp and Gellert Grindelwald would be the character of Colin Farrell, Percival Graves, who would similarly seek the Relics of the Death. It is expected until November 18, when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released.

J. K Rowling, who is in charge of the script, recently explained the beginning steps about the magical world of Potter for the next five films, the first of which will be released on November 18, while the second will begin to be shot in 2018. For the third one will have to wait until 2020.

Prepare The Wands

Fantastic Beasts Movie Poster
Prepare the wands for Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the Harry Potter spin-off / prequel. Along with Redmayne and Sudol, also appear other well-known faces like Jon Voight, that will give life to Henry Shaw; Ron Perlman, who plays Gnarlack; Colin Farrell, who will play Percival Graves, and Katherine Waterston as Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein.

The cast also includes Ezra Miller in Credence‘s skin, Samantha Morton as Mary Lou, Jenn Murray as Chastity, and young Faith Wood-Blagrove as Modesty.

This spin-off expands the Harry Potter universe, recounting the story of Scamander and his adventures when he is commissioned to write a book about all the mythological creatures of the magical world.

Many of these fantastic animals have appeared throughout the Harry Potter saga, and Scamander’s book was one of the textbooks Harry, Ron and Hermione used in their Hogwarts classes.

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