Who is Leta Lestrange, a passion of Newt from the past?

The mystery, who Leta Lestrange is, dominating the minds of the followers of the Harry Potter universe created by J.K. Rowling.

The movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been released and has already made the public rise questions about many things, a common one among them, who is Leta Lestrange?

Photo of Leta Lestrange in Newt's case
Photo of Leta Lestrange in Newt’s case

Leta Lestrange was a witch who, sometime between 1908 and 1916, had a close relationship with Newt Scamander while the two were studying at Hogwarts because of their marginalized nature and the love of studying magical creatures. One of the Leta’s experiments went wrong, endangering the life of another student. Instead of seeing her friend expelled, Newt took the blame and was expelled instead. This left him bitter, but still with much love for her. Scamander keeps a framed photo of her among her things during her trip to New York at the end of 1926. In the first episode of Fantastic Beasts, the photo of Leta is portrayed by Zoe Kravitz.

Queenie finds out

Queenie reading minds, learns about Leta Lestrange
Queenie reading minds, learns about Leta Lestrange

During a scene in the film, Queenie Goldstein, who has the power to read minds, ends up reading the mind of Newt Scamander, the lead of the new franchise, and discovers that he suffers from the love of a woman named Leta Lestrange. According to Queenie’s sight, Newt and Leta were very close, but she took advantage of him. Queenie is brought to life by Alison Sudol, the actress who is also known as A Fine Frenzy in her musical career.

Leta returns to be mentioned in one of the final scenes during a conversation between Newt and Tina, when she asks if Leta will like his new book. Newt replies that he does not know, since he does not know what Leta is doing, in addition complementing that people change, which indicates that Leta has done bad things as well.

So far, no one has been able to identify anything about Leta Lestrange in any of Harry Potter’s already published works, as well as other texts published by J. K. Rowling. However, the surname Lestrange is well-known by all, the same surname is carried by Bellatrix Lestrange whose miserable life has come to an end at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange

The Lestrange is a family that is a member of the so-called Sacred 28, or Pure Blood Directory. These are the families that do not possess muggle blood, all being pure blood.

So far, nothing is known exactly about Leta, but we can imagine that her relationship with Newt did not succeed just because it was enough that Scamanders is a family that has presence of muggle blood in its heritance.

As it is clear that Rowling does not leave loose ends, we must find out who is Leta Lestrange in the next films of the saga.

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