Occamy reveals itself in Fantastic Beasts
Occamy reveals itself in Fantastic Beasts

Occamy, Aggresive Flying Beast

The Occamy is a serpentine creature with feathered body, two legs with wings, which can reach up to four meters and a half long. The Occamy is extremely aggressive for anyone who comes to him and live rats, birds and occasionally monkeys. She is very protective of their eggs, which are made of the purest silver and smooth. It is located in the Far East and India.

They mainly feed on rats and birds, although occasionally hunt monkeys. The occamy is aggressive with all who approach him, especially if perceived to be a threat to their eggs whose shell is made of the softest and pure silver.

The word “occamy” derives from the name of the English philosopher Occam, who invented the methodological principle “Occam’s Razor”, which states that evaluate two competing explanations for a situation that one must accept that requires fewer assumptions made (or in other words, nothing should be assumed that there is not absolutely necessary for explanation). As such, the name of this creature as a “occamy” is a joke by JK Rowling, since the existence of the occamy own (and most other creatures described in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) has no reason and it came to exist solely for the sake of giving substance to that book.