Alison Sudol

Alison Sudol joins Fantastic Beasts
Alison Sudol joins Fantastic Beasts

Alison Loren Sudol, born on December 23, 1984, also known for his musical pseudonym A Fine Frenzy, is a singer, pianist, actress and goodwill ambassador of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Music Career

Her debut album, Once Cell in the Sea, was published in 2007, and followed by her second album Bomb in a Birdcage in 2009, and Pines in 2012, her third and last studio album.

Her album Pines was accompanied by a book and an animated film, “The Story of Pines,” which was awarded by TakePart.

Alison’s songs debuted in United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, and other countries, and she had already sold more than 650,000 albums in October 2012.

Her music has also been used in numerous shows and TV series and has appeared in numerous major motion pictures.

Alison Sudol, having both music and acting careers
Alison Sudol, having both music and acting careers

Acting Career

In 1997, Alison played small supporting roles under the name Alison Monro.

In 2007, he appeared in the fourth season of CSI:NY, playing the role of Nova Kent in the episode titled Can you hear me now?.

In 2014, she debuted as an actress in her first big role in the series of Amazon Studios, Transparent, with the role of Kaya.

In 2015, she landed a co-starring role in the series DIG, playing Emma Wilson.

She also has appearances in many television shows like Late Late Show or MTV shows.

Queenie with her wand
Queenie with her wand

In 2015, Alison auditioned for the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first of the new trilogy based on Harry Potter and written by J.K Rowling. Alison takes the character Queenie Goldstein, a witch and sister of Porpentina Goldstein. She works with Eddie Redmayne, Dan Fogler, Colin Farrell, Ezra Miller and others in Fantastic Beasts. The movie follows the adventures of the author, a magizoologist traveling far parts of the world to find different magical creatures, Newt Scamander. The film will be released in November 18, 2016 and will include two more sequels.